Barriers to High Performance Teams
January 4, 2018
15 traits great leaders never tolerate
January 4, 2018

There’s nothing better than working in an organisation with a great culture. You wake up every day looking forward to getting back to work on the mission with people you enjoy being around.

There’s a lot of garbage peddled about how to create the perfect culture – much of it comes from consulting firms with little or no “real life” experience of ever leading a business.

It’s not about launching vision and values amidst a fanfare of coronets – or getting your staff to chant them like a mantra – it begins with observing what’s really happening in your business and understanding what a great culture looks and feels like.

You cannot travel to a place that you don’t know exists – and nor can your team.

You may think you have this covered – especially if your latest employee survey results were good – but wouldn’t you like to know for sure?

Take a look at our “16 Signs of a Great Culture” report and compare it against what you see and hear in your own organisation, division or team. It provides practical insights into what you can do to improve performance and results.

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