Essential Leadership Skills
January 4, 2018
16 signs of a great culture
January 4, 2018

High performing teams are essential for achieving outstanding organisational performance. This is especially apparent in situations of major change, in times of crises and during rapid growth.

Firstly, you need to acknowledge that your people are your business. More so than your strategy, marketing plan, IT system or an entire finance department full of spreadsheets, management information and predictions.

Businesses don’t succeed … people do. So the key to your success is to transform your business by transforming your people.

People by themselves are complex creatures, but assemble a bunch of people together on a team and the complexity gets exponentially greater.  The greatest challenge is how to get all those people, agendas, personality styles, roles, career aspirations, and performance inter-dependencies to coordinate and efficiently pull toward a common set of business objectives.

How do you know if your team is a high performance team? It helps to understand the symptoms of a team that is not high performing. Click here for our free guide on recognising some of the common symptoms of low or average performance teams.

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