"Talent cuts across gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and age"


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is no longer a compliance mandate, it’s a cultural, strategic enterprise goal and is critical for an organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast changing environment.

Many studies show a clear link between increased workforce diversity and improved revenue and sales performance. Beyond financial metrics, a more diverse workforce carries significant benefits including enhanced retention rates.


Many organisations have invested in training programmes to make employees aware of their unconscious bias, however such training and many other initiatives to promote diversity have made remarkably little progress. People may reflect on the insights provided by training but they cannot guarantee to change their behaviours as a result of it. The application of unconscious bias is not sustainable if it continues to be presented to organisations in its current form - as a training program. If you remain stuck in training then you are simply dabbling in theory. It is time to move from the theory to the practical – that’s where Boxchange can help


At Boxchange we have developed a suite of powerful D&I Diagnostic tools which can validate your existing, or determine your future, D&I strategies and policies: - by adopting a systematic approach to examining organisational culture, attitudes, mind-sets and behaviours, we help organisations determine what structures, systems and processes facilitate diversity and inclusion and which don't.



Following a D&I Diagnostic we can deliver creative, cost effective and pragmatic solutions to our clients that achieve clear and measurable results. Sustainable D&I change can require work to be done at a variety of levels and with a range of stakeholders. By partnering with our clients we have the opportunity to help change the narrative around diversity and inclusion.

  • We help our clients pinpoint the critical issues they face
  • We identify the factors you should focus on to get the best possible improvements
  • We draw on our knowledge of best practice to formulate strategies that will drive the culture change needed to deliver the business benefits.
  • We examine the emotions and behaviours and interrogate the organisational culture
  • We help you understand the barriers to inclusion that exist in your present culture
  • We steer the narrative away from bias and focus on how inclusion can help individuals and the organisation achieve objectives
  • We work with you to embed a philosophy of inclusion that will inspire empathy and courage within the organisation

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As with any type of culture change, lasting improvements in D&I only come about through changing the way people in the organisation think and act. Our expertise in this area of change, as well our people-centred approach, allows us to provide our clients with highly effective support. It is this grounding in sound organisational and behavioural change methodology that enables us to help our clients deliver successful and sustainable change