About Hybrid Interim Practitioners

In the worlds of Interim Managers and Consultants, boxchange Hybrid Interim Practitioners (“HIPs”) offer the best of both. Our HIPs offer the full consulting experience at a fraction of the price of a mainstream consultancy but offering a lot more than a simple Interim Manager.

Boxchange is a fully integrated capability consulting business that can roll up its sleeves and deliver a piece of work, solve specific solutions and provide strategic input - whilst always transferring knowledge and improving the capability of our clients.

Our HIPs take on Senior Management, Director and Executive level positions within Business Change and IT, Projects, Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales and Operations. They have access to our suite of diagnostics, end-to-end solutions and partnerships which enables us to offer unprecedented levels of support to our clients.

HIP v Interim Manager and Consultant

An Interim Manager is simply a contractor (or temp) with a high price tag … nothing more.

Mainstream Consultants can be like a drug, they take over and often leave you in a position where you are dependent on them.

Boxchange HIPs offer the best of both worlds without the downsides. You get a Consultant grade Practitioner who is directed by boxchange – and managed by you - to deliver a specific piece of work or set of outcomes. Using a HIP keeps you firmly in control of your business while we ensure that the desired outcomes are delivered and knowledge is transferred. Typically you can expect to get the job done in a quicker timeframe while uplifting your internal capability – and all for the same, or lower, cost of hiring an Interim.

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How can we help?

  • Your existing consulting partner is taking on too much delivery or control
    Boxchange HIPs can take over some or all of the delivery at a fraction of the cost of the consultancy and give you back control whilst transferring knowledge, upskilling your internal team and raising capability.
  • Your consultancy spend is spiralling out of control but you need support and expertise
    HIPs offer the same or better level of support and expertise at a much lower cost whilst transferring knowledge and raising your capability.
  • You rely too much on consulting support and are worried for the future because the knowledge is not your own
    HIPs offer a solution to uplift your own internal capability and provide you with a roadmap to self-sufficiency in the future.
  • You have lost a key member of your management/executive team or you plan to remove someone from a key position
    Boxchange HIPs provide a consultancy grade interim solution that keeps you on track while you search for a replacement..
  • You have a specific business challenge which requires a consulting solution but you don’t have the budget for a consulting firm and you don’t just want a contractor
    Our HIPs are experienced consultants and subject matter experts in their own right. They effectively provide you with a full in-house consulting and support capability on a temporary basis - and at a cost you can afford.

Benefits of a HIP

  • Hugely experienced consultants and subject matter experts
  • HIPs have “been there - done that” with the battle scars to prove it
  • Provide an impartial view
  • Can operate outside of existing company politics
  • Not a fixed overhead
  • Hit the ground running
  • Provide tangible short-term solutions
  • Add great value quickly
  • Cost effective
  • Improve company morale

How much do HIPs cost?

Typically they cost the same, or less than, an Interim Manager but with all the benefits and quality of a mainstream consultant.

Our Network

We have a network of 5k+ consultancy grade associates to work with. We only pick the very best to become our HIPs and they are chosen to fit our exact client requirements.