January 4, 2018
How to Lead the Millennial Generation
January 4, 2018

Many organisations list "innovation" as one of their values but few ever achieve it. Experience tells us that the meaning of "innovation" is not understood by the majority of staff and most feel that it doesn't apply to them.

As a result, for most businesses, true innovation rarely comes to life.

Innovation capability can be built inside any business, in any sector, in any part of the value chain; it is not linked only to invention, technology or R&D, but is clearly linked to new value creation and capture of value in a new way.

Innovation is a process to bring new ideas, new methods or new products to an organisation. For many businesses however, innovation has been limited to looking for a “big” idea to advance a company’s competitive position. Management seems to be always looking for the “silver bullet,” a new “I Phone, etc.,” while true innovation is involving every single employee to look around their work area to identify small problems around them and to be empowered and responsible to solve them.

It might surprise you to know that the average Japanese company receives 24 ideas per worker per year and saves £2,700 per employee.

From this process of involving all employees in continuous improvement comes daily improvements in quality, efficiencies, productivity, and customer satisfaction – and miraculously great commercial ideas will also “pop” out.

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“Igniting Innovation in Your Business”

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