Look at any top performing sales team, at any level, and you will always find a highly skilled sales manager. Most organisations recognise the impact that this key role has on overall performance. Yet, despite the responsibility, and expectation, organisations often appoint sales managers without enough assessment of skills and capabilities which are required for success in their new role..

Many leaders think that an outstanding sales person will naturally make an outstanding sales manager. Often the appointment to a sales management role is the achievement of a significant personal goal, yet most of us discover becoming a sales manager is one thing, becoming a successful sales manager is something else! Top organisations recognise that their sales leaders, account managers and sales people need professional structures, skills and behaviours to deliver outstanding performance.

Through our extensive experience we have identified three things that make outstanding sales managers:

Develop these three skills with your sales managers, accounts managers and sales team leads and you will develop great sales teams at any level. We can help you bring these things to life.