Is Discrimination Unconscious?

It doesn’t matter how highly you think of the company that you work for, the chances are that your colleagues, including you, are biased in ways that ultimately harm your business. In the corporate world these prejudices have been politely labelled as “unconscious” and the consequences of such biases can be costly to organisations who today have diverse customers, suppliers and employees.

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Does the “Old Boys Network” really still exist?

Women are entering the workforce better educated and fully prepared to contribute as knowledge workers, yet they still fail to obtain positions of power. Despite dramatic changes in technology, increased globalisation and a shifting workforce, women’s advancement to executive positions is still lagging.

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Well-travelled Whiz Kid!

Four years ago I visited a client, an MD of a UK based business who at the time was hugely proud of his son’s academic achievements, having just graduated from a Russell Group University with a First Class honours degree in Humanities. I remember asking my client “So what does your son plan to do next?”….his answer was “ He’s not 100% sure, so he’s going to take a year out and go travelling, he’s done so well that I’m going to reward him by subsidising the trip”.

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Developing Authentic Leadership

Over the past couple of years alone, our experienced team has worked with several hundred senior managers from different business sectors.

We have found that many of the senior managers are making the same observation – that demands on their leadership are becoming more challenging than ever as they position their organisations to meet the fast-moving requirements of the 21st century.

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More “Dave’s” than Women in UK’s top jobs

You may think I’m joking…. but I’m not – there are more men named David who are FTSE 100 CEO’s than there are women in the same role. In fact, if you add up (and I have) all the CEO’s named David, Mark, Andrew and Steven, they outnumber women on a ratio of 5 to 1. So here we are in 2016, we live in a modern diverse world yet 90% of FTSE 100 CEO’s are still white middle aged men.

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Poor leadership is costing you millions

Most executives instinctively know that strong leadership is essential for overall organisational success. However, in most organisations, there is a lack of urgency to improve leadership skills driven by a belief that their current leadership capability—and subsequent performance—is good enough. But is it?

Recent research and analysis shows that poor leadership practices cost companies millions of pounds each year by negatively impacting employee retention, customer satisfaction, and overall employee productivity.

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Why change and strategies fail

Only 3% of UK organisations are capable of delivering their own strategies according to the latest findings from the 2016 “Barometer on Change” produced by business consultancy Moorhouse.

In the latest report it was revealed that 97% of board members and their direct reports admit they need new or additional skills to successfully deliver their strategies and 66% reported needing these new capabilities to a great or fair extent.

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Dear Boss, I QUIT !

Experience tells us that people don’t change jobs solely for money and they almost never resign on a whim or in a fit of anger. People joined your company because they believed it was right for them and they desperately want it to be right. However, something, at some point, makes it wrong and if you are able to uncover their real reasons for leaving – and you should – you will find that it’s not “the company” they blame. It’s not the location, or the team, or the culture……It’s the management!

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Just 3 months until your employees quit!

While some people might spend the festive period fantasising about giving their boss the finger, it turns out that, us Brits, are a sensible and largely conservative lot, according to a survey of more than 28,000 people.

It appears that the instinct for most at the turn of the year is “I’ll give it another couple of months and see how it goes”.

However, statistics clearly show that once employees have had enough, they don’t hang around. By March, 8.5% of them begin to look for a new job and by the summer the search for a fresh start reaches “warp speed”. Maybe it’s because when we’re relaxing on a beach for two weeks we tend to reflect on our careers and personal lives, and we return with a renewed sense of ambition and aspiration.

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Take Your job … and Shove it!

Over the last two weeks I have shared some statistics and insights with you about the number of employees who are preparing to leave you … and why they leave.

This week, a new survey conducted by the UK’s largest job site, CV-Library, reveals that more than 7 million workers resolve to get a new job in 2016. The same survey found that almost one-third of professionals admit that going back to work in January makes them feel unhappy with their jobs and 46 percent of those have ranked ‘getting a new job’ as their priority for 2016.

This is certainly worrying news for businesses and, with increasing skills shortages, and the cost and disruption of replacing staff, it could spell real trouble for organisations, in all sectors, across the UK.

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